EP Wicked Ticket


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 Kosmopath - Wicked Ticket EP

  Evil-Ritual-Ambient, Q-tips for brain!

  On the way to distribution, there was made a mistake

  naming the tracks. The last three tracks are composed

  as one tune,  named "Wicked Ticket", consisting of

  three parts.

  Overall playing time of the track is 19.09 minutes.

  So this is the one and only official tracklist:


  KOSMOPATH - Wicked Ticket EP

  1. Instrument (1.35)

  2. When I Am Asleep My Machines Start Jerking (6.40)

  3. Gone Astray In Dehli Ghetto (2.09)

  4. Wicked Ticket (19.09)

       a) River (8.55)

       b) Babel (6.41)

       c) Twilight (3.32)



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