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       Here you will find information about 

       KOSMOPATH and his releases.



     Work in progress...

    * Release soon: Video: "Wicked Ticket"

                                                     full length 19.09




    * Die Exen: "She`s Got The Blues" [Live-



    New Release: Kosmopath - Wicked Ticket EP

    ok dudes,
    i uploaded the whole "Wicket Ticket" EP on

    ReverbNation   for you to listen.

    including the 19.09 minutes evil-ritual-ambient-track
    "Wicked Ticket" (River/Babel/Twilight).

    (sometimes i wonder if it`s music at all...)

    also the new video "Instrument" is out now

     watch it on  Your Tube

     or watch it   Here



    New Release: Kosmopath - Wicked Ticket EP

      on  Crystallin Label

    available this month as yet.

    different style, ritual ambient.

    here we go, q-tips for brain!



     New video out now!!!

     Lava303 - Atmen (Kosmopath Bliss-Remix)

     [Goddess Rules Remixes]


     Furthermore now you can watch all Kosmopath

     videos on this site (have a look at the left).



     Out Now!!!

     Goddess Rules Remix Compilation

     [The Lava 303 RMX Project]

     Lava 303`s Goddess Rules album

     now remixed by many different

    artists in one double album,

     containing Dance and Alternative

     Electronic remixes as cd1 and cd 2

    Want to know more about?


    Goddess Rules Remix Compilation

    Or have a look at the navigation

    bar on the top-left of this page.



     Sorry folks, i had so much work in the last time.

     So i write you what happened:

     On 9th of may 2012 i had the second radiosession

     with Yo from label. We will go on

     with this transmissions we call now

     "Electronic Art Attack".

     I attempt to inform you the right time in future. It`ll

     be worth to have a look at my facebook-site for

     further information...


     On 11th of may i played my new live-set at the


     The party was AWESOME!!!

     The double-cd, including also two remixes from

     me is still available. I`ll inform you later, where

     you can get this phantastic disks....




     Listen to KOSMOPATH and other great

     electronic artists in the radio.

     Wednesday, 28.03.2012 at 01.05 pm

       Livestream   Radio X




      new EP out now!!!

     watch out for "Lied Vom Tod"

      including 12" and 7" mixes of

     "Lied Vom Tod" and "Black Aura"




     and the EP "Defcon87

      (featuring Rasputin Stoy CCCP)"

      including 12" and 7" mixes of "Defcon87"

     and "Lieben Dich"





     KOSMOPATH for free: The Lyserg-session,

     live @ home #2

     check the navigation bar.



     suddenly the chief visited me, and brought

     10.000 flyers, which i`ll have to issue...

     i put them under "About" in the navigation

     do you like them?



      KOSMOPATH for free!!! - go to "Downloads", listen and

      download 90 minutes KOSMOPATH - live @ home

        bookers welcome


        ATTENTION: two more "for free"-tracks

      available (see "Downloads").


       Now available:

      KOSMOPATH videos on youtube!

       And with Foetus Narcoticus Ridiculus

      live @ home 

      Klick For Youtube


       Go to "Links" to find out all further about KOSMOPATH


      Look out:

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       unreleased tracks for free!!!


      I made a  picture gallery for each album.

      You can watch while hearing kosmopath:


     Black Aura (SubArt)


     Lichtjahr (SubArt)