The second album of KOSMOPATH. Including the best tracks created between 2008 and 2011.

In opposite to "Black Aura", corners and edges are slightly sanded off, resulting the entire sound to be more homogenic, but also more detailed.

The single  "Defcon87"  from this album is a creative cooperation between KOSMOPATH & RASPUTIN STOY

from the EBM Cult band C.C.C.P

KOSMOPATH does not want to depend on a typical style. It is just the music coming out of his heart. Dark, electronic, psychedelic. With variating rhythms, from time to time complemented by chummy musicians (recognize the non-electronic additions?). That`s why called PSYchedelic-Beat.

Pleasant music permanently is too boring, isn`t it? So enter KOSMOPATH´s Psy-Beat universe. Wrap yourself in this slight itchy, dark blanket of sounds. Just as a dust grain in the dark broad expanse of outer space. However with a few bright starlets flashing in between. Otherwise you will get depressed. And that`s what we don`t want, right?

In the end all will get fine!

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